Puppy Starter WoofBox


Puppy Starter WoofBox is specially curated keeping in mind puppies natural need for mother milk nutrition, toys, treats, and box full of puppy joy for active life. Invest in your puppies health, get him a Junior Special WoofBox.

Every dog breed is different, so are they as pups. We as experts will pick products and toys that will help your pups grow healthy and be less destructive. They tend to be destructive, as they would chew on to your new sofa set leaving you with stress. Cute though! This unique Puppy Starter WoofBox is loaded with nutritional supplements that your puppy would usually gain from the mother’s milk, tough toys that will help them through the teething months, hence they chew on the toys and not on your favourite furniture.

Note: The image is a sample box representation and the contents are customised based on your pooch breed and their unique needs. No two boxes are same so you get 1 unique WoofBox each month as your monthly subscription, unless you want any product to be sent again.

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Puppies are cute! They need special care. Your love for the pup is unconditional and we understand that. We even understand you are worried about his growth and wellbeing. May be this is the first puppy you brought in and are worried about what he should eat and what he should not. Hence we are launching India’s first WoofBox for puppies and naming it “Puppy Starter WoofBox / Junior Special WoofBox”.

A Junior WoofBox would cater to the evolving needs of your baby. Each box is customised based on your puppy’s stage of development and physical characteristics. The items in the box are completely safe as your pup’s health and safety is of utmost importance. Once subscribed to, the items of the box are kept as a secret from you because the happiness of opening the box with your pup and finding such amazing products is something you will always cherish.

WoofBox™ is delivered with Guarantee! If you or your pet don’t like it. We will send you another WoofBox™!