Vegan 1 Month Subscription


This WoofBox™ is a perfect treat to gift and pamper your dog. A box consisting of treats, gadgets, and toys will be your way of expressing your love for your canine. The box includes 4 – 6 gifts every month which will make your dog go crazy, we call it “going Bonkers”. These gifts are products which can be used for daily purposes and other products like vegan dog food, toys, gadgets etc making this the perfect gift for your pup.

Based on your dog’s personality , our team will sniff and dig around some tail-wagging toys, accessories, grooming products and healthy vegan treats exclusively for your pooch. Selection of four or more approved products will be put in our WoofBox™ and then hand delivered to your loving pooch starting 15th of the coming month.  You may choose to renew the same or opt for a longer subscription that gives you greater discounts and better surprises.

WoofBox™ is delivered with Guarantee! if you or your pet don’t like it. We will send you another WoofBox™!

Please note This WoofBox™ subscription has carefully picked treats that are 100% vegetarian in nature. This is a highly customised box that comes with 100% vegan guarantee promise. The image is a sample box representation and the contents are customised based on your pooch breed and their unique needs.

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The items in the box are 100% Vegetarian as your dog’s health and safety is of utmost importance. Once subscribed to, the items of the box are kept as a secret from you because the happiness of opening the box with your dog and finding such amazing products is something you will always cherish. The products included in the box will help your dog in aspects like health and stimulation. As you avail this service on the web, payment can also be done online which is completely safe as the privacy of every customer is an important factor. The information shared is encrypted by secure socket layer technology (SSL).

Shipping of this box of wellness starts every 15th.