Post By Aditya Venkatraman

When I first found woofbox on Instagram I was in 2 minds to open the page, as I thought it would be another gig from the states , however I did and let me tell you how happy I was when I saw the “.in” one look at their page and you will fall in love with their whole idea of “selling”! They want to sell not to earn but to see the happiness on our fur kids faces and that’s what they get !! This is so evident by just talking to them , I never even had to voice talk , texting on Instagram was enough for me to be a fan ❤
When I ordered jd’s box I was eagerly waiting for the box to see what’s actually inside as they do not reveal the contents and boy o boy weren’t we delighted !! The contents of the box was pure genius , it’s like they exactly knew what jd wanted or what I wanted for him . And all that at that price ,delivered right at your doorstep , woof , too good !! (I can’t reveal what’s the contents of the box as I would want others to be equally excited and surprised)
Now moving on to their t shirts !! I have been looking for dog shirts but never found what I wanted!! I wanted to be known as the lab dad and wanted people to see me wear a lab dad t , and that’s what I got !! Good quality , great material , good fit , reasonably priced and I even got the same printed on the chest pocket !! What more can a lab dad want !!
“Baap Bhi khush beta Bhi khush ”
Thanks guys for making our journey more exciting with your unique ideas and merchandise !! We love you and wish you lots and lots of happy fur and human faces ❤
Jack Daniel and the lab-dad