WoofBox - Best Dog Subscription Box - Each WoofBox is loaded with four or more goodies for your little one from great Toys, Treats, Gorgeous Bandanas and more that will make your pet go Bonkers! Subscribe to our longer subscription and save!

Each WoofBox is loaded with four or more goodies for your little one from great ToysTreats, Gorgeous Bandanas and more that will make your pet go Bonkers!

Subscribe to our longer subscription and save!

Surprise your adorable dog with monthly delivery of toys, treats, and tail wagging dog joy.

From puppy to a senior dog, we have a WoofBox for all.

Choose Your Box


₹ 2000/- onwards

Typically till about a year your dog is a puppy


₹ 1700/- onwards

Typically a dog whose age is between 1 year to 6 years is an adult.


₹ 2000/- onwards

Typically a dog is senior starting 7 years of age 


₹ 2600/- onwards

Because birthdays are super special


₹ 3300/- onwards

Specially curated for extreme chewers
Fetch Toy Special WoofBox


₹ 3300/- onwards

Specially curated for super energetic dogs
Trick to Treat WoofBox


₹ 3300/- onwards

Specially curated to keep your pooch stay fit & healthy, inside out
Travel Buddy WoofBox


₹ 3300/- onwards

Specially curated to keep your companion dog safe as you travel together 

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Choose from a variety of boxes based on your pooches need from puppy starter to birthday special box. We have a box for every need.

Select Plan

Try for a month or subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months to save more.

Awesomeness Delivered

WoofBox shipping starts from 15th of each month. We can make exceptions if you are celebrating a special day with your pooch!

Treat Your Pet With the best Dog Subscription Box

Your dog, a beloved member of your family deserves to be treated well across all phases of his life. A puppy box or a junior dog subscription box or a senior dog box which is loaded with treats, toys & more is a perfect way to show how much you care. Pet owners across India rely on our team’s expertise as we carefully select four or more toys, gluten-free treats, accessories that usually arrive monthly. We also specialize in curating boxes bases on dog traits & for super-special occasions like your dog’s birthday.

What to Expect?

At WoofBox, we carefully curate monthly gift boxes full of favorite dog toys enjoyed by pets of different shapes & sizes across age. You can also choose to add individual dog gifts for delivery across India. One of the most popular gift options is a dog collar with name. A perfect addition to the WoofBox as you surprise a friend or family member with a new pet in their life.

by subscribing to a dog subscription box for three, six, or twelve months, dog owners can save even more while engaging pets with fun toys and goodies that arrive at the doorstep. We offer dog toys that are not typically available in local pet shops, so your pooch has a great selection from chew toys to plush dog toys, and even premium dog food packs.

WoofBox also ensures a different dog toy in every dog subscription box. We work closely with customers and can add their favorite items or create a custom box for your dog’s birthday. Of course, if we send something that your dog is not interested in, we send a replacement for free.

Apart from these unique monthly deliveries of new toys and goodies, dog owners in India can also shop for a special treat for their pets with easy access to online shopping for dogs on our website.

Birthday Special WoofBox

How It Works?

Every WoofBox is loaded with 4 or more goodies like dog toys, dog treats, accessories and loads of love!

Each box is carefully curated with tail wagging goodies that you wouldn’t find in a normal pet store. Your pooch will always get a different box. We make sure that the goodies are not repeated in next month’s subscription. If you love something and want it to be a part of the next box, give us a call at (+91)9967714968.

If your pup doesn’t totally love an item in their WoofBox, we’ll send them a replacement for FREE. No muss, no fuss, only wagging tails.

Save money by opting for longer subscriptions.

Why WoofBox?

Customised For Your Pet

Every product that goes into a WoofBox is approved by our pooches, Zara and Foster. They are the auditors who make sure you get the best and only best as they do. We would never send you anything that we would not give our little ones.

Approved By Our Pooches

Every product that goes into a WoofBox is approved by our pooches, Zara and Foster.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so confident with the quality and art of curating the best for your dog, that every WoofBox comes with a replacement guarantee. So after receiving this special goodie box, if your dog ain’t going bonkers, we will send you another box full of happiness.

Recommended By All

Our offerings span from a junior box to senior box. These different boxes are so loved that we have a 4.7 star rating on our Facebook page. We are highly recommended all over social media.

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