Chew Master (Serious Chewer)

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Chew Master by WoofBox is the ultimate box curated for extreme chew masters! Each Chew Master is  loaded with really tough and ultra durable dog toys that are indestructible to a great extent providing real fun for real long time. These super durable dog toys that are part of chew master ensure your dog keeps himself engaged and channelises his energy by engaging with these really chew proof dog toys. Exactly needed to save you loads of money as you don’t end up buying more and more toys each month while they last for a few minutes!

Toys that are part of Chew Master last a minimum for three months.


  • Specially curated for extreme chewers
  • Loaded with four or more goodies
  • Contains min two ultra tough dog toys 
  • Need more toys? Add Extras to make it more special

Extra Chew Toy
Standard Box
Two Extra Chew Toys
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 kg