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My Dog Chews Everything! How can chew proof dog toys help!

My Dog Chews Everything! Causes, Solutions & chew proof dog toys

Chewing is part of the body language of dogs; they chew to investigate their environments. But, this behavior can become a problem. Many pet owners have been frustrated when their dogs chew important or valuable objects.

Fortunately, this behavior can be corrected with various solutions like chew-proof dog toys, better training, or investigating the real cause of this problem.

Why does my dog chew everything?

Puppy stage

In the puppy stage, dogs usually chew on anything when they start teething. Once they get older, they only chew on objects out of instinct or boredom.

Just like babies, puppies also investigate their environment with their mouths. Up to 6 months of age, puppies are teething, which causes sore gums. Chewing on objects soothes their tender oral tissues.

You can offer them durable, chew-proof toys, like WestPaws to relieve their pain in these cases.

Once the teething process is over, approximately when the dog is 7 or 8 months old, this habit should stop but, if it does not disappear or this behavior intensifies, it becomes a problem.

Adult stage

It is usual for adult dogs to chew to satisfy their curiosity, in this case, they do it more softly and gently, but they can also do it as an escape method to specific situations, such as:

Oral hygiene: dogs chew to clean their teeth. Since this is a natural way for them to remove tartar.

Anxiety: for dogs, chewing is a defensive mechanism against anxiety when they do not get enough exercise, feel helpless or sick.

Loneliness: when a dog spends a lot of time alone, they feel sad and chew on things to alleviate their feelings. In fact, they often chew on objects that smell or remind them of their owners.

Dog breeds more prone to chewing.

Although every dog is different, some dog breeds are known to be more destructive chewing and cause more damage than others.

Small dog breeds that chew.

Among the small dog breeds that chew the most are Chihuahuas. They tend to chew whatever they find in their way, from your favorite expensive shoes to more important objects. They are dogs that, despite their size, need physical activity as well as being prone to separation anxiety, boredom, and stress.

Other small breeds that are chewers are the Dachshund, poodles, and Jack Russell Terrier.

Larger dogs that chew.

Among the large breeds that are chewier, you will find boxers, who are also dogs that need to drain a lot of energy. Then some Labradors are very playful and like to keep themselves entertained in something.

Other large breeds that are chewers are Labradoodles, Border Collies, Bulldogs, and Golden Retrievers. 

What to do to stop your dog from chewing?

First, you should know that this bad behavior will not go away in just a moment. Therefore, it is better to prevent situations where the dog can chew expensive or dangerous objects.

  • You should keep cables out of their reach for safety as they can be dangerous, keep cleaning products out of their reach, and protect paper objects, glass, and any delicate material. Do not forget medications or personal hygiene items either.
  • Use positive reinforcement. Reward correct behaviors and correct mistakes, but without punishment. Give snacks, affection, and caresses when they chew their toys.
  • Take them for a walk. Running and playing will tire them enough, and they will have no intention of misbehaving at home.

“Chew Master” by WoofBox, an alternative to chewing.

As we have mentioned, chewing is a natural behavior in dogs, especially in the puppy stage. However, this behavior can be redirected to objects other than your valuable belongings, such as chew-proof dog toys.

Chew Master is a box loaded with four or more treats and 2 tough and ultra-durable toys to an unbeatable level for extreme chewing dogs.

Chew-proof dog toys like Chew Master’s are the perfect ally for your dog. They keep them entertained while strengthening their jaws and keep their gums and teeth healthy.

It maintains them active while draining their energy, reduces stress and boredom, and much more.

Benefits of Chew-proof dog toys

You’ll save money. Have you ever thought about how expensive it has been for you to have a dog that is capable of chewing through anything? From dangerous objects for them to valuable items, like $500 shoes, belts or purses or an object with a lot of sentimental value! We’ve all been there!

Also, these chew-proof dog toys are so durable that you won’t have to buy more toys every month.

You’ll keep your dog active. These toys will be a challenge for your dog, especially if it is a destructive chewer. So, they will be busy exercising and draining energy that they will no longer spend chewing your furniture or jumping up and down.

Relieve teething pain. In puppies, these toys relieve the pain when they start teething. They also help maintain good oral health, since it eliminates food debris, preventing the accumulation of tartar on their teeth.

How can you order Chew Master?

On the WoofBox website!

WoofBox is a monthly subscription of fully customizable pet gift boxes! These boxes contain toys of different shapes and sizes, collars, treats, and many top-quality gifts for your dog each month.

How does WoofBox work?

It’s straightforward. You just have to select the type of box ideal for your dog. In this case of chewing behavior, the ideal box is the chew Master. Then fill in the data of your dog.

After that, you just have to wait for it to arrive at your door, and your dog will receive the delivery man.

Control your dog’s desire to chew!

You’ll be amazed at how dogs instinctively latch onto the toy and settle in for a good chewing session. With all the benefits that chew-proof toys offer, it is undoubtedly the best way to keep your dog from engaging in destructive behaviors at home.