Dhoni Dog -Dhoni Playing with Dog

MS Dhoni’s Cuddle Buddies – How Mahi Trains His Dogs?

Apart from the helicopter shots or the winning chakkas, MS Dhoni popularly called captain cool is also known for his abundant love for dogs. He calls himself an ‘absolute pet-lover’ and his incalculable love for dogs is well-known among his fans too. Let’s take a closer look at MS Dhoni and his four-legged buddies!

From being a cool captain, the best wicket keeper cum batsman this man has truly inspired us in many ways. And now with videos going viral all over the social media, we see this heart-warming side of Dhoni for stray dogs. According to him, the best part about dogs is that they welcome him the same way after every win or defeat. Recently Dhoni has adopted a stray dog Leah from Home and Animal Trust of Ranchi adding to his family of dog buddies. From his deep empathy for dogs, he has not just adopted dogs, but also encouraged the residents to adopt stray dogs and bring them to a decent living.

Dhoni Dog

How captain cool trains his dogs?

The pet loving couple MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni have created buzz around social corners of instagram and twitter with the adorable scenes of Dhoni training his dogs. Dhoni always takes time to play with his pet dog Sam whenever he has free time and plays all the fun stuff with him. The newly uploaded video by Sakshi is stealing the hearts of dog lovers featuring his most loved German Shepherd Sam playing mirror tricks with him. The way Pooch tries matching Dhoni’s speed, going right and left mimicking him and finally giving him a hug is truly heart melting scene.

Dhoni Playing with Dog

It’s surely his abiding love that has strengthened the bond between them. The visionary has always shared the scenes of training his eager-to-play dog buddies. The pic below shows how Mahi trains his dogs by playing with ball and the drills to sharpen their focus.

Mahi loves going to his Ranchi farmhouse to train his cuddle buddies and spend some quality time with them. Training is undeniably a great way to keep your pet dog active and happy. It even prevents over weighting dogs thus reducing the risks of respiratory problems. The way Mahi maintains the fitness of his dogs surely inspires pet owners!

MS Dhoni Dog Training

Some tips for training your pup –

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