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8 Bollywood celebrities Who Love To Pamper Their Pooch

Spending on special photoshoots with their pets is common amongst celebrities. Just like most of us, they love updating their social accounts with selfies with their beautiful pets. Here is a collection of 8 Bollywood celebrities who love to pamper their pooch.

  1. Salman Khan : When we talk about celebrities who love pets, Salman Khan is the first name that hits our mind. After the death of his French Mastifs – ‘Myson’, ‘Myjan’ and ‘Veer’, Salman is a loving owner of his Napolean Mastiff called ‘Mylove’, another ‘Myson’ and a Labrador retriever called ‘Mowgli’. When you meet Salman and his dogs, just be careful of one thing – KUTTA mat bulana inko!
  2. Tusshar Kapoor : This star family has been adopting animals for many years now. Tusshar Kapoor is giving a luxurious life to his 8 pets including a Labrador ‘Gayatri’ and Pomerians ‘Whiskey’ and ‘Wine’. Apart from these lucky ones, many stray dogs near their office are fed by this family. Tushar and his family regularly contributes towards sterilisation of stray dogs. Definitely one of those who love to pamper their pooch.
  3. Sunny Leone : This beautiful sensation has adopted two dogs – ‘Lilu’ and ‘Chopper’ and she keeps posting their pictures on her instagram account once in a while. They are a part of her family now and says that she misses them a lot when she is out for shooting.
  4. Virat Kohli : The ace cricketer Virat Kohli also loves his beautiful pet dog ‘Bruno’. The star cricketer loves his pooch a lot and says,”The love dogs give you is beyond anything. Absolutely unconditional. My little dynamite is a part of me. Bruno The Beagle.”
  5. Aliaa Bhatt : This young, beautiful and talented star kid is totally in love with her gorgeous Persian Cat ‘Pica’. With so many updates on Instagram, Pica definitely has a fan following.
  6. Ajay Devgan : Our very own ‘Singham’ is fond of ferocious breeds. Ajay Devgan has two German Shepherd Dogs named ‘Koko’ and ‘Koki’. Ajay never realised his love for dogs untill he gifted himself an English Mastif named ‘Sher Khan’ back in June 2010. Unfortunately, Sher Khan passed away suffering a cardiac arrest when the actor was shooting for his blockbuster movie ‘Singham’. Soon he went ahead with bringing ‘Koko’ and ‘Koki’ home. The actor says, “They like to chill with me when I read the morning papers.” How sweet is that!
  7. Sapna Bhavnani : To pursue her passion, Sapna started her career as a hairdresser in a salon called ‘Juice’ and success followed her ever since that. She owns a chain of salons called ‘Mad-o-wat’. From writing articles to a book to short-film production to video shoots to many more, Sapna is a multi-talented celebrity hairstylist who has also endorsed PETA’s cause for humane approach to animals. She loves cats and very often you will find her pictures with little kitties on her Instagram account. Oh! BTW we love her too :*
  8. Gul Panag : The beautiful ‘Miss Universe’ contestant Gul Panag is a fitness freak. As fit as she is herself, she likes to keep her dogs also healthy. We have heard her loving dogs ‘Milo’ a Cocker Spaniel and ‘Vegas’ a Beagle, always accompany her in trekking and camping. ‘Milo’ even has a Twitter handle @Super_Milo and his Bio reads – “I was a dog named Milo. I led an adveturous & exciting life. Resurrected now as an off road expedition tourer. Let the adventures begin.”

These are a few Bollywood  celebrities who love to pamper their pooch. It’s aleays important to keep a track on your pooches health and well-being  hence we have always recommend our WoofBox! They come in different varieties and your pooches will love them!