8 Bollywood celebrities Who Love To Pamper Their Pooch

Spending on special photoshoots with their pets is common amongst celebrities. Just like most of us, they love updating their social accounts with selfies with their beautiful pets. Here is a collection of 8 Bollywood celebrities who love to pamper their pooch. Salman Khan : When we talk about celebrities who love pets, Salman Khan is the first name that hits our mind. After the death of his French Mastifs – ‘Myson’, ‘Myjan’ and ‘Veer’, Salman is a loving owner of his Napolean Mastiff called ‘Mylove’, another ‘Myson’ and a Labrador retriever called ‘Mowgli’. When you meet Salman and his dogs, just be careful of one thing – KUTTA mat bulana inko! Tusshar Kapoor : This star family has been adopting animals for many years now. Tusshar Kapoor is giving a luxurious life to his 8 pets including a Labrador ‘Gayatri’ and Pomerians ‘Whiskey’ and ‘Wine’. Apart from these lucky ones, many stray dogs near their office are fed by this family. Tushar and his family regularly contributes towards sterilisation of stray dogs. Definitely one of those who love to pamper their pooch. Sunny Leone : This beautiful sensation has adopted two dogs – ‘Lilu’ and ‘Chopper’ and she keeps posting […]