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The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist

The ultimate New puppy checklist 

Every time you decide to get a puppy into your life, it’s both exciting & worrisome. First, you go through emotions & a million questions about the puppy, and then finally, you decide to get him home. 

We typically recommend you only to get the puppy home when it is at least five months old. This is because it ensures that the pup spends time around his mother & is feeding on her nutritional milk & also learns some basic “not to do” things that only a mother can teach a pup. 

Not all are experienced with bringing puppies home. But, for many, it is the first time the pup is entering their lives & that’s where this ultimate checklist comes in handy. This article will help you pick up the must-have things before your puppy enters your home.

Water Bowls 

Your pup is a bundle of energy, so make sure you pick a bowl that won’t easily tip over. Often it’s exciting for puppies to play with the water bows and spill them all over. You may even find them sitting in a bowl full of water. We have had this experience with our german shepherd dog Zara. She would jump into the bowl. Pick a bowl that’s small for now & easy to clean. 

Puppy Food 

Your puppy’s initial five years are crucial for his overall development. Hence, it needs special nutrition to promote strong bones and teeth, proper overall development & a thick, shiny coat. In fact, during the development stage, your dog may require twice the daily amount of nutrition compared to a grown-up dog. In addition, his nutritional requirements may be high between six to eight weeks of age. Hence, starting with the proper well-balanced puppy dog food is extremely important for its overall growth. 

Dog collar 

A puppy collar is essential as it gives you a place to hag his dog ID tag & supports attachment for a puppy leash. There are a wide variety of collars available. Pick up a collar that’s lightweight, comfortable & has a D ring. You may experience that the puppy takes a while to adjust to the collar, but don’t worry; the puppy will be in peace with it in a few days. As the puppy grows quickly, keep checking and adjusting the size accordingly. 

Dog Leash 

Leash often is a great tool to train your puppy & to take him for walks. These obedience dog collars are the perfect choice for those walks that require greater control. These are ultra-comfortable polyester that won’t hurt your dog. 

Grooming supplies 

Grooming supplies are essential to keep your dogs fur healthy. Pick specially formulated puppy shampoos as they best suit the puppy coat. For breeds like ShitZu & other short toy breeds, it’s essential to brush them regularly to avoid hair tangling. And yes, Never forget to pick up a flea comb & set us their grooming sessions regularly. 

Puppy toys 

As your puppy goes through the teething phase, it’s essential to have good premium quality safe chew toys as they help to comfort the gums & also keep them occupied. Make sure you pick the right toy size. Not too small, not too big. Also, always give toys to your puppies under supervision. Avoid giving your dog any of the following to keep your puppy’s playtime as safe as possible:

– Toys made of soft toxic rubber, plastic should be avoided – Always. 

– Anything that’s sharp or has tiny parts to chew on should be out of reach. 

– Keep your old shoes & socks away from your puppy. 

Crate and Sleeping Bed 

Your puppy, who now is part of your family, needs a warm, cozy place to sleep in his very own personal den where it can hang out when you are not home. 

There are two styles available 

– Portable plastic crates with handles
– Wire crates 

Regardless of what you choose, it’s essential to ensure that the crate is large enough that your puppy can stand up, move around and lie down comfortably. 

Even if you decide to crate your puppy, he should have a separate sleeping bed for times when you are not home. When your puppy is in his crate, make sure it has one of his favorite toys in there. 

Stain and Scent Remover 

Specially formulated stain and scent removers are a must-have. Your puppy may pee around your home during his first few hours. These stain/scent removers will come in handy when you see your pup has passed urine spray the scent remover over it. Many natural scent removers break the urine composition leaving a pleasant fragrance around. You can buy one here. 

Dog ID and Dog Tags 

The thought of a missing puppy will cause a lot of worry in any dog lover. However, it would be best if you did not take chances with your puppy’s safety. Hence make sure you ID your pup always. Mention your contact details on the Id tag. An ID tag will help in bringing your puppy back to you when found. 

Modern alternative tags, too, can come in handy. For example, we have both our German shepherds tagged with the latest apple air tags. They are great as you get your little ones’ precise location. 

Regardless of whichever method you choose, make sure they always have an ID tag on.