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Rowdies Rosebud Plush Toy by WestPaw

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Designed for rough play, the Rowdies Rosebud Toy by WestPaw, is built to last. It is ideal for bouncing, cuddling and tossing. The soft plush cover is HardyTex fabric which is reinforced with mesh to make it stronger. The Zogoflex bits are great for chewing. This toy also squeaks for your pet’s enjoyment.

What works?
  • Thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested for toughness and durability.
  • This newest line of durable plush is built for romping and (supervised) roughhouse play.
  • This little round friend loves to bounce, fly, and cuddle – the perfect pal for smaller dogs.

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What we love?

  • West Paw uses its innovative zogoflex material to create designated “chewing zones” For dogs that love to chew.
  • Hardytex heavy duty plush fabric has been reinforced with a mesh backing for durability.
  •  These plush toys combine the extreme durability and safety.
Height: Rowdies Rosebud Toy by WestPaw is approximately 17cm/6″ In height
Additional information

Additional information

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