10 best ways to remove ticks from your dog

Is your little pooch scratching too much these days?May be he has ticks. Don’t panic, keep reading… You observe your pet scratching a lot and wonder what’s bothering your furry friend. You move your hands over his body and find a creepy creature sucking on your little pet’s blood. Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of a dog, cat or other mammals. They attach themselves to the skin of the host, through their mouth. This sucking of blood can cause anemia (blood loss). The lifecycle of ticks has 4 stages : egg, larvae, nymph and adult. Sooner you identify them, better it is for your pet. So how do you remove ticks? Here are a few ideas you can consider… Use Spot-on Treatments:  If your pet is affected with a tick-attack or flea-attack, it might be difficult to pluck or pull them individually. In such cases, the spot-on treatments are the most effective. These are strong medicines that can be bought over the counter from a pet store or a vet. In case, your pet is a sensitive breed, it is suggested to take advice from a professional vet before using it. These solutions are quiet strong. Children […]