Why do Dogs Lick?

WoofBox Blog - Why do Dogs Lick?When you come back from work or see your pup after a long day, your puppy starts licking you. First your feet and soon he is drooling over your face. This is his way of showing love and affection towards you. But if this is a frequent act of your puppy, you need to know something more about dog’s licking behaviour. Read on.

Expression of love and affection

This is the most common reason why domestic dogs lick and is often a habit every dog parent wants to change. Licking causes release of chemicals called endorphins. Pleasurable endorphins trigger a positive feeling in their body which helps calm and comfort them. But this licking sometimes irritates us. If you want to change this habit of your pet, ignore him and walk away every-time he starts licking you. Once he realises the reason you maintain distance, he will stop licking you.


Dog’s saliva helps heal their wounds naturally. Licking wounds helps release enzymes called lysozyme that help in blood clotting mechanism and hence faster recovery. However, some dogs keep licking their wounds way too much which isn’t good anymore. Try using powdered medicines like Neosporin powder to heal your pet’s wounds. Avoid applying ointments as they make the skin wet and encourage licking.


It’s their way of communicating. If your pup is licking u hard, he definitely wants to tell you something. Check if he is hungry or his water bowl is empty. So pay attention to your little pup when he is repeatedly licking you.

Lack of exercise

Some breeds need everyday exercise and running. Exercising not only helps them stay active and fit, it also helps overcome anxiety. If your dog has become lazy, try keeping him busy playing with his ball and rope toys. This will not only entertain him, it will also divert his mind from self-licking and anal licking. Do this before it becomes a habit for him.


Licking is also a sign of your dog being nervous or scared. Observe your little pooch. If he is aggressively licking himself more when he is nervous, he needs medical help. Consult a vet and help him live a stress-free life. We love pets as much as you do. This article is just an attempt to help you understand your pet’s behaviour in a much better way.