Corn Chew & Squeak Dog Toy

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What works?

  • Dogs can chew
  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • Play fetch with this toy
  • Squeaks (Not Annoyingly)
  • This toy floats and can be used for water play
Find them in our “Puppy Starter WoofBox” or “Go Fetch it WoofBox” Specially curated for dogs that love to fetch & are still puppy!!


While the floating feature is of great interest to dogs, the frequency of the squeak produced by this toy is loud, unique & also enjoyed by them. Added to that, the dual texture contributes to holding the dog’s attention for a long time. Bumps and ridges on the toy make it easier for dogs to hold this toy and aid in massaging their gums.

Make sure your dog eats their veggies, if not eat at least play with them. Dogs get an option of materials to bite into. Lucky children! The green top is made from foam rubber and the bottom is from high-quality TPR. All materials are non-toxic.

What we love?

  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • Attractive Orange color
Recommended for:  All Dog Ages, especially Puppies & Adult Dogs
Additional information

Additional information

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