Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies How does it impact your dogs healthRecently a friend of mine realized her GSD is allergic to Chicken. Surprised? Even she was shocked when the GSD’s vet informed her that the only food she thought was good for her pet, was actually the reason for the pet’s frequent scratching problem.

Like human beings, even dogs are allergic to certain food ingredients. The sooner you realize, the better it is. Such food allergies are caused when the dog’s immune system mistakenly refuses to accept certain food ingredients. His immune system believes them to be harmful and hence generates anti-bodies which trigger a series of harmful symptoms.

Few common symptoms among dogs are: excessive itching, frequent paw biting, scratching, ear inflammation, rear ear redness, body redness, nausea and vomiting. When you have a pet, its very important to be observant and have a check on his routine behavior. The moment you notice any of the above symptoms with your pet, immediately see a vet. After proper diagnosis the vet will be able to point out if your pet is suffering from an allergy.

Choosing elimination method while feeding your pet is the common practice used by a vet to treat your pet. Feed your dog with one or two food items and see if his body is reacting negatively to it. Slowly you can start adding one food item to his diet. Many dogs are allergic towards chicken, like in the case of my friend’s GSD. If so, try to feed your dog with Fish. Your pet may even be allergic to a particular processed dog food. Try changing his dog food also.

In case the allergy does not get detected and treated, reaction to some medication, environment or dust may also be some of the reasons.  Being observant will help you keep your pet healthy and active. Hope this little information helps you take better care of your lovely pet.

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