Nervous about breeding your Dog?

Dog Breeding WoofBox Blog Nervous about breeding your dogThe process of naturally producing an offspring is known as breeding. Breeding is a term usually used with animals.Pet lovers have lot of affection and attachment towards their dog. Every pet owner has a dream of having a litter of pups who are as beautiful and amazing as their own pet. Breeding is not for the sake of fun, it is something that needs a lot to thinking and hence as you decide to breed your pet nervousness is obvious. So here, we are going to help you with a few tips on breeding your pet.Breeding is a natural process, hence you cannot contribute much to it except for choosing the right time and right mate for your dog. And trust us, choosing a right mate for yourself is much easy.

The mate you choose for your lovely pooch should have all the qualities you want to see in his beautiful puppies. Remember, breeding is a responsibility. You would never want to bring an unhealthy pup in this world. Both male and female should be healthy and have no genetic disease or disorder in their history.

As you choose the perfect mate for your loved one, do a lot of research about the breed genetics. Check the KCI registered papers of the mate. This is no guarantee that the mate is perfectly healthy and fit, but for sure can help you choose better ones.

Check for health records of the mate. Yes, you are getting your lovely pet breed, hence knowing details of the mates medical history is extremely critical.

Both the genders behave differently when it comes to mating. Male dogs have lesser problems and complications. Low sperm count, infected genitals are common with them. Dogs lacking interest in breeding should be checked for hypothyroidism, spinal arthritis, and Brucellosis.

Age of sexual maturity differs even between breeds. Females reach sexual maturity between 8 to 18 months of age. Keeping a track record of your female will help you know the right breeding time for her. In this growing age of science and technology, though your vet can be a little help, observing your female’s behaviour, mood swings, changes in temperament is very important.

Make sure your female is fully grown and is fed good nutritious diet whenever you plan to breed her. It’s advisable keep in touch with a local vet while you plan.

10 to 12 days after going into heat, she will be ready to stand and hold. Colour of the discharge can help understand the right time for her to meet her mate. The discharge changing its colour from dark red to tan is the right time for you to bring the stud closer. Leave the bitch and stud together several times for several days throughout the heat period upto 10th day.

If you are just too excited to have their puppies, try keeping a close track on the days count, as you will have to wait for another six months for the next trial. Leave the stud and bitch together for a longer time if you do not want to take another chance. The vet will be able to confirm the impregnation to you on the 22nd day of mating.

Once confirmed by vet, you can start preparing for the celebration. In no time you will be the proud owner of a litter of pups who will be as active, loving and beautiful as your female. Remember right timing is the key. Hope this little information helps you confidently breed your pet and enjoy life with those lovely angels.

A humble request to you all pet lovers. If you are really the one who is going to raise the pups and take care of them, we suggest you look forward to breeding. If not, please don’t ! We have immense love for the pets and believe that they should be brought to this beautiful world only if you can be there for them. If you have a slightest doubt, please refrain. 

We strongly suggest adoption over breeding and purchasing of pets.

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