Remedies and Dealing with your teething dog

WoofBox Blog - Remedies and Dealing with your teething dogYou come home after a long, tiring day only to find out that your pooch has spent his full day at home chewing and having fun with your favorite pair of shoes. Is this an everyday story for you? 

Such damages done by a pet during teething period are common areas of concern for pet owners. No matter how much you love your pooch, getting totally frustrated and an immediate display of anger on your pet is perfectly normal. However, it’s a better idea to teach your dog how to deal with dog anxiety or such teething problems.

Every pet until an age of 12-14 months has a habit of chewing stuff. Bringing home some good chew sticks and chew bones can help him stay busy and deal with his new-tooth pain. Here are a few tips that can help you save your sofa, dining table chairs, favorite branded shoes and clothes that your pet loves chewing.

Deal with patience: 

Staying calm is the best way to deal in such situations. Yelling at him when the damage is already done will not help. Do not shout or hit your pooch in anger. Instead hold him and raise your voice like a boss and tell him what he has done is wrong. As your pet is usually left free at home, try tying him whenever he does something wrong. This will give him a message that he has been punished.

Give him chew-sticks: 

Wanting to chew stuff is a normal pet behavior in teething period. So buy some good healthy chew sticks and chew toys for your lovely pet. But give him only 1 or 2 chew toys at a time. If you give too many of them, he may not be able to distinguish them from other things that seem chewable.

Give him ice-cubes: 

Giving your puppy 1 or 2 ice-cubes will keep him busy. Also it will provide him some relief from the irritation and pain teething causes.

Correct your dog: 

Teach him the right way. Do not try to snatch the object from your pet’s mouth. He might get further angry. Instead, use some light hints like tapping on his head or a little strain on his neck.

You are the boss: 

Your pet needs to know that you are the boss and not him. Until he knows that, he will never listen to you and will make you go mad. You need to smartly tell him that the toys are his and the other objects belong to you. Try diverting his mind to other chew-sticks or toys.

Little discipline is necessary: 

Your pet should understand some basic simple instructions like – No, Leave and Go back. Use treats to teach your lovely pooch. Appreciate him when he listens to your instructions by saying – “Good buoy” and giving some treats. This will help control your dog’s anger.

Hope these few tips help you and your lovely pooch together fight with his teething and chewing problems.

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