Feed your pet right

Feed your pet right, Why is it important? Dog food is one of the most important predictors of a good health of your dog. If you pay attention on the type of food that you’re giving to your dog, you will provide him a long, healthy and happy life. Few dogs are allergic to a particular ingredient like Chicken, Milk or Meat. For such lovely pets, owners can totally depend upon packed or canned food. When you love your dog, you always want to feed him the healthiest and freshest food. Choose cans that are have no dents or bulges from anywhere. Expiry date of any packed food is very crucial, you just cannot miss to check it before purchase. Expiry date guarantees the food quality and usage for unopened bags only. Once the bag is opened, food should be used within 6 weeks. Few tips that we are going to share here will help you keep his food fresh and safe. • It’s advisable to store dog food in the same bag in which you have bought. The company packaging usually uses good quality oxygen-blocking material, which prevents food from moisture and oxygen. • Dog food should be stored […]